Monthly Archives: August 2013

Is There a Good App for Bodybuilding

I was reading some bodybuilding supplement reviews the other day and thinking about whether or not there was an app that I could put on my phone which would help me with my diet and my workouts. I was using my phone of course, which is an android device. I have just recently started working out seriously again, getting ready for a trip to Jamaica. Obviously I want to look good on the beach. I am not interested in looking huge or anything like that, I just want to look good. I am in pretty good shape actually. I have kept in shape by running the last few years, but I want to get a little bit bigger and I want to get defined in my abs. I know a couple of guys who look like freak shows, with the man boobs and all. That is not what I am looking to achieve.

I figure that I am barely six feet tall and 160 lbs in weight, so I could gain a little bit of muscle weight and look a bit better.

Looking at Computers for a Kid

So my son is actually pretty advanced, but he is still a child of not quite five years. I let him use my computer when I am supervising him and he does quite well. He does not read and write just yet, but he does know how to do a lot of stuff. My computer has a lot of important things on it, so I am looking at laptops under 300 dollars. I figure that if I find a really cheap laptop it will not bother me too much if something bad happens to it. In particular it will not bother me if I am thinking that it could have been my computer instead of a cheap laptop. I have a custom built brute actually. The graphics card cost me close to the sort of money that we are talking about. In all the computer cost over 1100 dollars just for what is in the case, and I had a friend of mine put it together.