A Good Software Tip from a Classmate

I was talking with one of my classmates the other day about how many songs there are on youtube. He and I both agreed that there are a lot of obscure ones on the site that probably couldn’t be found anywhere else. I told him I wanted to download some, but I didn’t know how, and then he mentioned a special program for doing that. He told me that if I wanted to learn more about about this free youtube downloader converter, I could go to the link and read about it for myself.

The program specifically downloads videos from youtube and converts them into a specified format. If anyone wants to leave the videos as they are, then they can choose to do that as well. To me, it was like I had found the holy grail of computer programs. I could download any video from youtube and turn it into an audio file. It was like having an endless supply of songs at the tip of my fingers.

After school was over, I headed to the local electronics store and bought an external hard drive. The hard drive was to store all of the songs that I would be downloading and converting from youtube. When I got home, the first thing I did was turn on my computer. I opened the hard drive and connected it to my computer, and went straight to the link that my classmate gave me. I downloaded and installed the program, and started downloading as many videos as I could think of at the time. I must have downloaded over 300 videos that day. I converted all of them into audio files and stored them on my phone. Whenever I have free time, I listen to the songs. I keep adding new ones every time a new video comes out.