Barter Friendly Web Designer/Dev Needed

StartUP-header-BoxI have a bit of an unusual collaboration to propose. My company facilitates bartering for small businesses. But in addition to being a bartering network for entrepreneurs/businesses, we are committed to demonstrating the viability of bartering in business as a successful strategy by building our business thru barter alone. That is, we will barter for everything we need to get our business started including logo, website, office space etc. We hope you will join us in this experiment/endeavor.

Currently, we are signing on pre-launch members. Our website isn’t developed yet but we still have a fully-functioning private network with over 100 members. I actively facilitate trades for our members using our point system. So, once we agree to a fair dollar amount for your services, I give you that amount in purchasing credit.

If you are willing to design/code our website (maybe design a logo too), we will give you purchasing points to buy a number of things like airline tickets, vacation packages, laptops, rental car services, tech and non-tech products and a host of other professional/personal services. Also, if you want specific items/services –I’ll make aggressive efforts to have them offered on our network so that you can use your points to purchase one or several of those items.

Additionally, as one of our founding barter partners, you or your company will be featured broadly in our newsletters, press releases and blogs.

What do you think? Please be in touch. I think we can have an interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration.