Business Development Lead at Foodspotting

  • Listed: June 2, 2010 5:19 pm
  • Expires: 58 days

We’re looking for someone who can accelerate Foodspotting’s growth and identify revenue opportunities by:

  • Forging partnerships with food and travel-related media (magazines, TV, newspapers, digital), businesses (local and national restaurants, specialty stores, grocery stores and merchants), brands (consumer product brands, food and drink brands, travel brands) and causes.
  • Identifying compelling opportunities for media, businesses and brands, including small businesses, to engage with and reward customers through the Foodspotting platform in ways that create value for both the users and the business.
  • Translating Foodspotting features into discrete products that can be marketed to media, businesses and brands and refining the messaging around these products.
  • Knowing what these opportunities are worth and negotiating mutually-beneficial terms and pricing structures as appropriate.
  • Sourcing, prioritizing, structuring, negotiating, closing and overseeing the implementation of these partnerships.
  • Reaching small businesses through strategic relationships.

Whether you’re from a marketing agency, a media company, an established tech company, a startup, or something entirely different, show us that…

  • You’ve forged interesting partnerships in the past that had a significant impact on growth.
  • You understand the needs and motivations of businesses in the food, consumer product and consumer media spaces, including local businesses.
  • You’re an excellent visual and verbal communicator who can communicate strategic thinking clearly and who can sell a vision to a potential partner.
  • You understand the advertising and marketing world and the value of an opportunity to a business, monetary and otherwise.
  • You’re resourceful (you know how to get what you want), relentless (you find it hard to take no for an answer), ambitious (you don’t think any opportunity is too big for us) and well-connected (you know how to get to the right people).

Email if you’re interested! Bonus: Send us a few ideas for partnerships you’d want to pursue first.