Cheap Offices for Rent in Singapore

I would like to purchase some office space in Singapore, so that I can have a regional office of my company located in the country. It is a decision that I have been pondering for quite some time, but I finally decided to act on my initial inclination to expand business into Singapore. I do think I will be able to find some market for my company in the country, and in fact, I am already doing a fair amount of business there. I need to find a office for rent singapore business that can rent a space to me. I do not think I want to buy any property in the country as that seems like it would have the potential to become problematic.

The office space needs to have enough room for at least 6 people to have their own office space. I do not know how much personal space they will all expect. As such, I do not have a final figure on how large of a office space I should rent at this point in time. None the less, I feel that it is appropraite to start researching information about office spaces for rent in Singapore, so that it will take less time to find a location once I know what sort of office space I am going to need to acquire. I do not even know how many people are going to be working for this new branch of the company; the details are still being hammered out at this point in time, but it is my sincere hope that everything will be worked out very soon. I hope that I will get a chance to visit Singapore during the process of setting up this new office. I think that I could be useful in training some of the new employees.