Great Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

I am moved to Singapore for the foreseeable future, in order to be with the girl of my dreams, who is a native of the country. I have visited the country several times before in my life, but I met my future wife back in college, as she went to college in the United States. I am in the process of closing on the purchase of a residence in Singapore, and I am going to need to make it look nice now. As such, I am looking for companies that do interior design for singapore and I hope to find a company that has a really sterling reputation for doing good work.

I take pride in living in places that look nice, and I usually do what I can to make sure that I have a house that will attract the eye of a person of discerning taste. That is why I am hoping to find an interior design company in Singapore. I kind of want the house to have a theme that is popular in this country. Well, I don’t know if popular is the right word, because I want to make sure that I get something pretty unique, and reflective of my own personal tastes as well.

I guess I will try to think of a better way of expressing what I mean. I really want to buy some modern furniture that is inspired by furniture designs that come from this country, or this part of the world. I think that should be possible, but I am not really sure what would be on the market in lines of that. I guess I can find out, and hopefully the interior design company that I go with, will have some examples of what I am talking about for me to choose form.