Having a Wonderful Limo Ride

torontolimoMy friend rented a limo from a toronto limo service to celebrate a job promotion that he got, and he invited me to ride along with him. It was my first time on a limo ride, and I was excited to go. He likes to ride in limos, and he assured me that it would be a wonderful experience.

The limo arrived at my house at around 10 am after picking up my friend. He was already having a few drink from the minibar inside the limo. He poured me a glass of orange juice and told me to have a drink. We were riding to a local restaurant to have breakfast. The limo was very quiet, and riding in it as a smooth experience. It was almost the same atmosphere that you experience when flying in an airplane. It’s a very comfortable experience that can easily make you relaxed.

I treated my friend to a big celebration breakfast. We ordered a lot of eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, biscuits, and extra large stacks of pancakes. We were so stuffed when we finished the meal, but we weren’t able to finish everything. The restaurant let us take a doggie bag back home so we could finish the rest of the food at our leisure.

We got back into the limo and rode aroung for a little while longer. We drove past a local lake and looked at the beautiful scenery. We got out to go to the lake and feed the ducks that were swimming. We sprinkled some bread on the ground and threw some in the water. The ducks seemed pleased to get a quick meal. We then got back into the limo and it drove us home. I loved the limo experience and can’t wait to ride in another limo.