I Needed a Stroller for Twins

When I found out that I was going to have twins, I knew that I was going to have to change a few of my baby shower gifts in. I loved the graco stroller that I had received from my two sisters, so I definitely wanted to get the same brand again. I just needed to find one of the strollers that was able to hold twins instead. I looked at a wide range of strollers first, even though I knew I still wanted this brand, and I still came back to the Duallie stroller made by Britax.

The first thing I really liked about it is the safety rating that it has been given. I love the look of it too, but that means nothing if it does not get an excellent safety rating. I read of no problems that others have had with this particular stroller. Actually, it was quite the opposite. People really liked it a good bit, and I can absolutely understand why. It is a state of the art design, and the main benefit people talk about is how smooth the ride is for their babies. Some of the strollers made for twins does not have a good suspension system, which is definitely needed because of the added weight in them.

It was no problem for me to switch the stroller since I had never used it before. I had the new one within a week, and I am so looking forward to using it. I am quite active, so I will be out and about on every nice day there is. My twins and I are going to make quite the fashion statement with our orange stroller, which is another reason why I wanted it since it does come in my favorite color. Now, I just have to wait to fill it with some happy babies!