Is There a Good App for Bodybuilding

I was reading some bodybuilding supplement reviews the other day and thinking about whether or not there was an app that I could put on my phone which would help me with my diet and my workouts. I was using my phone of course, which is an android device. I have just recently started working out seriously again, getting ready for a trip to Jamaica. Obviously I want to look good on the beach. I am not interested in looking huge or anything like that, I just want to look good. I am in pretty good shape actually. I have kept in shape by running the last few years, but I want to get a little bit bigger and I want to get defined in my abs. I know a couple of guys who look like freak shows, with the man boobs and all. That is not what I am looking to achieve.

I figure that I am barely six feet tall and 160 lbs in weight, so I could gain a little bit of muscle weight and look a bit better.