Our Corals at Keppel Bay Condo is the Best

Corals at keppel bay is at the top end of great places to live in Singapore. Though Singapore is actually an island, the amount of great waterfront properties to live on are tough to come by nowadays. Just when we thought that there would be no more places at the shore to live that would provide a comfortable luxurious way to live, this condominium area was built.

We liked it from the first moment we saw artist’s conceptual drawings to the finished project. We wanted a penthouse condo overlooking the ocean. This is a real rarity unless you come here. The design of these condo structures allow for more than one spacious penthouse condo. We have a 3700 square foot condo that is incredibly beautiful. I enjoy the views looking inside our home as much as the ocean view looking out the windows. We live in the building closest to the water. The other buildings follow a line around a center concourse behind ours.

Pools of water are just outside the doors. You walk across walkways over water features that contain plants to get to the center concourse. In the center is a large swimming pool that I like. We are within a five minute walk to the biggest mall in Singapore. We do not even have to take a cab. We like this central location that is convenient to all of the things we need to do and like to do here in Singapore.

Our living room is huge, and it leads out to a balcony that overlooks the water. We get an ocean view from our living room and the bedroom. There is also another balcony off to the opposite side of the condo from where the master bedroom is, and a third one in the back that is a bit smaller. I go to all three of them depending on the time of day and how much sun I want to be soaking up.