The Cruelty of Children Toward Children

Skin care is an important part of our health which can be sadly ignored by men. With my mom being the only parental figure to raise me, I was exposed at a young age to the concept of beauty products, skin care and the importance of maintaining healthy looking skin. Unfortunately, I was cursed with a terrible set of genetics that gave me the worst from both my mother and father that left me with acne, eczema and dry skin! It’s only with products like Vine Vera Skin Care that I am able to see any results these days but I remain hopeful that something better will come along.

As a teenager I went through serious abuse at school due to my acne. Kids are the cruelest creatures on Earth; they show no mercy for one another and will gang up on those they see as weaker than themselves without shame for their actions. Looking back on it as an adult, the absurd of it strikes me profoundly. I wish I could do something for those kids who suffer through what I had to do; waking up every day fearing going back to class because of the acne that will just not go away.

These days there is a lot more information regarding acne and how to treat it. Back when I was in high school there was little that I could find on the subject beyond those facts that most of us recognize as being old wive’s tales and urban legends. Still, I’m often surprised that acne is still a problem at all. As a bacteria it is definitely treatable but there does not seem to be an industry devoted to wiping it out completely or they are more concerned with treating the symptoms, which does nothing in the long term.