The Valley is Full Again

Social BookmarkingAfter the economic burst in 2008, a lot of people in the Silicon Valley found that they had no company to go to. The investors in a lot of the small internet companies could not afford to keep their money in the stocks and this forced a lot of them to close, which meant that a lot of people were losing their jobs. I thought that it was a horrible thing until I recently heard that a lot of them were back and up and running. The social bookmarking sites list that I had was starting to grow with new company names and I thought that there was nothing better than to see small start ups trying to find their way in the internet business world. The thought of small businesses makes me happy as that means that there are a lot of people that are getting jobs and the economy is simulating again, meaning that people were going to start to make money.

I am not against people that start small companies and are trying to make money but I am against the large firms that have to get bailed out by the government because they were spending too much money on their costs and it was making a lot of them lose a lot of money. Then, this trickles down ward as the firms can no longer afford to have people on their pay roll and it makes them either lay off people or fire them and I thought that this was not a fair thing to do to people that go to work everyday and do their best so that they can provide for their families. I prefer that my company do business with the smaller ones, to make sure that they are able to stay afloat.