We Get a Lot of Use out of Our Coffee Pod Brewer

My family drinks a lot of coffee and tea. We have a big rack of pods of different types of coffees and teas on the counter next to the single cup brewing machine. Most families have a machine you need to refill with water. Ours actually is connected to the household water line so it never needs refilled. So you can imagine, with a family of hot beverage drinkers like this, I like finding coffee for less code offers to save on restocking our supply.

I go to Coffee For Less because they have every single variety of coffee, tea and other hot beverage we like. We like to put out the specialty drinks such as hot apple cider and hot chocolate for the holidays, but our daily fare is mostly coffee. I like tea. I drink one with caffeine in the morning, and usually stick to decaf the rest of the day. My husband and children like a mix of regular and decaf coffees. We also like the low calorie hot beverages such as Chai tea. The sweet treats have a few calories in them, but it is much better than reaching for candy bars or other high calorie treats.

I place an order about once every month for several boxes of our favorite varieties. I like to find coupon codes for a percentage off or free shipping depending on what I am ordering. I take the time to look for a good coupon code before every order because of the money I can save. With some of the codes I find, I can actually increase my order size because of the savings. This way no one ever runs out of their favorite hot drink. With guests and family now having their favorite hot drinks, I actually had to rearrange a cabinet above the coffee maker to hold the boxes of coffee pods I order from Coffee For Less.